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Roll laminators are extremely useful machines that are commonly seen in schools or in business settings where posters, signs, and other larger items need to be laminated on a regular basis. Here is a short primer on how to use the typical roll-laminating machine. Warm-up Time

The first thing you will want to do is, of course, plug the machine in and turn it on. Laminators usually require a little bit of time to warm up, with that majority needing around tem minutes until they are ready to use. Most of the better laminators have lighting systems that indicate when the machine is warming up and when it is ready to use. For instance, there may be a light that flashes during the warm-up period then stops flashing when the machine is ready.

Speed Selection

Again, depending on the make and model of your laminator, you will have a variety of laminating speeds to choose from. The speed you choose should correspond to the thickness of the Brochure printing material you are laminating. Thicker items such as cardboard and poster board should be laminated at slower speeds, while thinner objects such as regular paper can be laminated using the fastest speed available on your particular machine.


Now that your machine is warmed up and you have chosen the appropriate speed, you are ready to begin laminating. First, take the item or items that you intend to laminate and place them on the machine while making sure of a few things: the item should just barely come into contact with the edge of the plastic laminating film or pouch; you will also need to make sure that the items you are laminating are not too big for your machine, or you will do nothing but create a bug unwieldy mess. This is especially important to note because if the item you are intending to laminate is a keepsake or something of sentimental value to you, laminating it at the wrong temperature or speed or in a machine that is the wrong size can,in some cases,ruin the item beyond repair.

If all is set up and ready to go, you can go ahead and press whatever button it is (usually "run" or "start") to start the machine in action, and add items as you see fit. With roll lamination, as opposed to pouch lamination, you can add as many items as you wish for as much film that you have.


Once the item or items that you are laminating have run completely through the machine, slide the cutter across the film and give your item a little bit of time to cool down before handling it, as you may find that you accidentally mar the surface of the plastic laminate with fingerprints, etc., if you touch it while warm. Also, be very careful that you keep fingers and hands away from the cutting mechanism. Different machines have different safety features built in, so this is more of a concern on some machines that it is on others.

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