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FileGee personal file synchronization backup system has powerful file backup and synchronization capabilities. The personal file synchronization backup system can backup, synchronize, encrypt, and split files. Allows users to conveniently implement backup and synchronization between hard disks, hard disks, and removable storage devices. Detailed logs and powerful fault tolerance functions and progress displays ensure the reliability and security of backup and synchronization. And it is very stable, occupies very little resources, can build a safe and efficient backup environment without any other hardware, and is a very cost-effective choice.

FileGee's personal file synchronization backup system integrates backup, synchronization, recovery, encryption, and compression, enabling backup and synchronization between FTP, network disk, local area network, and local storage devices. It can be widely used for data backup and data synchronization. , data migration, web server, office automation and other fields can fully meet the needs of enterprise users.

Professional backup synchronization

Realize the backup and synchronization between the local storage device, LAN shared directory, FTP, various network disks, and each other.

Integrated Baidu network disk, Sina micro disk, Kingsoft disk, Dropbox, backup and synchronization with other media or two.

Supports rich storage media: hard disk, USB memory, FTP space, specific network disk (multi-user version does not support), etc.

User-friendly interface layout, clear functions, simple operation, and simplified user operation

Long-term automatic backup and synchronization work, absolutely stable, without manual intervention

Multiple execution modes

It supports six synchronization modes such as one-way synchronization, two-way synchronization, and mirror synchronization, and two backup modes, incremental backup and full backup.

Independent multitasking mode, which can simultaneously perform different backup and synchronization operations on multiple different folders

Tasks can be related to execution. The order of execution can be specified between related tasks.

Real-time monitoring of USB removable storage devices, automatic backup or synchronization when removable storage devices are plugged in

Smart setup plan

Smart incremental backup and recovery, although only backing up changed files at a time, can restore every complete directory structure and file.

Hot backups can be performed on locked files such as databases, and files that are being opened exclusively by other programs can be read.

Independent incremental backup recovery tool for file recovery on any computer that does not have this software installed

For shared network paths that require permissions, you can save the username and password for automatic authentication

Rich schedule plan, support monthly, weekly, daily schedule

Safe anti-misoperation

Failures in task execution will be automatically retried. After the retry fails, it will be automatically recorded and attempted during the next execution without missing any files.

FTP uploads and downloads support breakpoint retransmission, retry, and ensure the successful transmission of files in the event of network instability.

All network disks support download resumes and breakpoints. Baidu's network disk and Dropbox support the uploaded breakpoints to a certain extent.

Clear execution progress shows that the task execution process and possible problems can be tracked at any time.

Exhaustive execution logs detail the operation and operation results of all files when each task is executed.

Efficient use of resources

Scanning file changes and operating files are completed at once without prior analysis. File transfer, encryption, and compression do not generate intermediate files.

Independent multitasking mode, unlimited number of tasks, can perform dozens of different backup and synchronization tasks at the same time.

FTP and network disk support multi-threaded upload and download, can transfer multiple files at the same time, double the file transfer speed.

FTP supports working in the FXP mode and transfers files directly between two FTP servers without having to go through local transfers.

Baidu and Sina microdisk support the second pass. Once a large file is uploaded by anyone, it can be uploaded instantly.

Multi-user edition exclusive

It can work as a system service without having to log in to the operating system and completely hide behind the scenes.

The multi-user version can be managed by a single computer to manage the backup and synchronization of dozens to hundreds of computers in a unified manner. It only requires one person to manage it.

The multi-user version provides hidden managed clients, which can be silently operated by the administrator when the client computer does not require autonomous backup synchronization.

The multi-user version has a private cloud storage capability, the server side can provide storage space for the client and the internal mechanism to transfer files.


Using large space mailboxes to back up files via Email, large files can be split and saved in multiple emails

Provides independent file splitting and merging tools to integrate the files saved to the mailbox

Independent multitasking mode for simultaneous backup and synchronization of multiple different folders

Supports various types of file synchronization and backup methods such as one-way synchronization, two-way synchronization, incremental backup, and full backup

With a variety of task automatic trigger mode, can start tasks in real time, timing, gap, system idle or manually

Strong fault-tolerance function, automatic recording of operating errors during task execution, automatic retry

Support Unicode, can handle the file name of various language character set

Encrypt files at the same time as backup or synchronous execution

Smart incremental backup recovery restores exactly the same directory structure and files as the original directory at each execution

Independent incremental backup recovery tool for file recovery on any computer that does not have this software installed

Can use the common zip format to compress backups or synced files and password protection

Provides a variety of file filtering functions, which can selectively filter the file to be operated or fuzzy match the file name

Rich schedule plan, support monthly, weekly, daily schedule

Suitable for personal data file backup synchronization

Separately installed on a computer

Supports backup and synchronization between hard disks and removable storage devices

Support multiple data backup synchronization mode

Supports creation of up to 8 tasks

Supports file filtering in settings, as well as encryption

Support for large file splits in settings, merge

Support viewing logs and exporting logs

Supports group management tasks


If you have any concerns with regards to where and how to use usb hdd backup, you can contact us at our web site.

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