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This was the first direct air connection between west and east Africa operated by any airline. Ethiopian Airlines announced it would be Africa's launch carrier for its new Boeing 787'Dreamlinder', with a firm order for several of those jets, and a choice in five . Hitherto the airline'd regarded its cargo operations longer as a service commitment as a source of income. I've had the good fortune experience their service and to perform a lot. In the end of 1985, when the DC-3/Skytrains started to be removed, the airline still had nine of these in support, them all . At the end of 1952 the Skytrains that is loyal were still the mainstay for its routes, linking cities and 21 towns to the funds and carrying both passengers and cargo. Demands for further services were so great that towards the end four C-47 Skytrains were bought. Three Skytrains were bought for the routes.

Meanwhile the Skytrains and their associated continued to soar the national and freight services and six additional DC-3s were purchased during the next ten years. The fleet consisted of 2 ATR-42 and four DHC-6 Twin Otters for its national passenger services, one Boeing 737 along with four Boeing 757 aircraft for its medium range passenger providers and three Boeing 767s for long-range services. For its freight and non-scheduled solutions the airline had just one Boeing 707 freighter, one Boeing 757 Freighter, two Lockheed L-100 industrial Hercules and a single DHC-5 Buffalo. They are one of the first to purchase the Boeing 787"Dreamliner" and the airport at ADD is the most contemporary and well-managed in Africa carrying it's design from Atlanta's Hartsfield. Into the road network for the very first time Scandinavia was introduced Back in November using a brand new service to Copenhagen, Denmark path to Maputo, Mozambique. This day the second Boeing inaugurated a new route to Madrid, via Asmara and Athens. About 15th January that the airline inaugurated its first jet support, from Bole into Nairobi. The first trip took place to Cairo through Asmara in Douglas C-47 Skytrain. A Boeing 720B flight simulator was obtained, making the airline independent of airlines because of its pilot training.

The pilot training college has been outfitted repeating the flight deck of the Boeing 767. The simulator has been utilized to train crews on the Boeing 757, whose flight deck is comparable. The airlines ready to join the jet era and decide which its demands were fulfilled by the Boeing 720B. My first pick for air travel in Africa is with Airlines. If its Boeing 767 landed following a hour delivery trip from New York at Bole, Airlines drawn global attention on 1st June - . From December control tower and the runway in bole Airport were both operational and 2 Boeing 720Bs arrived on their delivery flights. Control tower and the new meter runway at Bole International Airport turned into operation, along with the spacious airport terminal with its 21st- century amenities.

In subsequent years the centers enlarged into a well-equipped center for overhaul, maintenance and modification work on engines, aircraft and systems, but not just for its aircraft , but also for other airlines in the area. The airline Engineering Division opened a brand new jet engine jet engine test facility, permitting engines of around 45,000 kg (100,000lbs) thrust to be ground tested. Three quarters of this airline's staff were Ethiopian but nonetheless held key posts. Colonel Semret Medhane was appointed general manager, the first Ethiopian to hold the position. Another leap has been made with the launch of a service to Washington - the first destination at the America of the Airline - along with New York followed soon afterwards. The path network enlarged by flights to Frankfurt.

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