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The Truth About Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is the psychic phenomenon of projecting your mind to receive information, without leaving your body. Remote viewing involves a set of precise protocols used by the U.S. military and CIA to develop psychic spies. You will recognize the feelings you need to feel and be much better at getting yourself into a state to better perform these remote viewing techniques.

Brings new students up to speed" with remote viewing methods. Within CRV itself there are variations - and ex Military remote viewers Lyn Buchanan, Paul H Smith and David Morehouse - all teach differing versions of the CRV methodology. I have read lots of text by him but most of this is from the Handbook to Remote Viewing.

Join him to learn how to observe details from the past, the future, and across physical distances to change your personal destiny, and expand your consciousness of the many dimensions of reality. If you can identify the image, then it likely is not from remote viewing the target.

A four day course in controlled remote viewing techniques will be held on the last two weekends in April 2003 in England. This is especially relevant in something like Remote Viewing, where the field has grown many strange flowers since being put to pasture by official sponsors.

While agreeing with this basic analysis, noted long time CSICOP psychic debunker Ray Hyman suggested the results were not enough on their own, and a wider data set was required. This book teaches simple, scientific CRV, but goes further, including for the first time my versions of Russian super-advanced extended remote-viewing (ERV) techniques.

The 'remote viewing' project, based at the Stanford Research Institute, was a direct response to the (then) USSR's similar training of military personnel for long distance spying. These positive emotions will become linked with your practice of remote viewing, which will set up a positive feedback cycle - the more you practice remote viewing the better you feel.

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