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A Funny Article or Funny Videos on a website or any other form of media can be described as a piece of writing that gives an analysis or an opinion on a particular topic in a very humorous way. It involves creation and sharing of media and publishing content which is funny in order to make the brand visible and to get more customers. The term 'funny article' or 'funny news' is used colloquially used to refer to unique humorous content created from trending topics, articles or news stories for the target audience. Depending on the target audience of the brand, the genre of these funny articles or funny news can vary. It can be a funny article or funny news story on entertainment, it can be a funny article or funny news story on lifestyle, it can be a funny article or funny news story on current affairs, it can be a funny article or funny news story on world economy, it can be a funny article or funny news story on health and food or it can be an article or news story with regards to anything. The point is; it has to be funny.

These funny article or funny news story are a perfect way to communicate with the masses who can relate to the genre of the content to convey a message to the target audience. But a quality article/content is something which requires a lot of research and crating. They require sources too. However, when it comes to curating these funny articles or funny news stories; Internet is probably the fastest and easiest source of research. Be it funny articles, funny pictures, funny videos or funny stories; the internet is the easiest place to search everything. It is time consuming no doubt but the amount of information available on the internet needed for immaculate research for these funny articles/funny news stories is virtually limitless. Once you have completed the research, it is a cakewalk after that. So what really makes people like these funny articles and funny news stories? It's simple! It is about giving a personalized touch and connecting to the people on an emotional level. Also, gone are the days where companies and brands adopted the old and stereotypical strategies to market themselves or their products. Consumers these days are well informed and up to date with the things around them and brands have realized and acknowledged it. This is exactly the reason why companies and brands are spending the precious advertising money to curate and create these unique funny articles and funny news stories to create a connection with its target audience. Brands try immensely hard to curate funny articles and funny stories from around the country and the world to make them as interesting as possible. Through their funny stories, funny articles and very funny videos, they have tried to thrive on the stigma that humor is still the best form of entertainment. It is not violence, it is not sex and it is definitely not thriving on someone's weak state; it's just plain humor that we all can relate to and humor that we love.

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