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If you have been scanning a lot of documents then it is obvious that you would like to make them editable so that you may change it in future.
If you don't know any solution then it is expected that you would start typing it manually. If you want to save time and efforts from the conversion of JPG to Word process then AusCoin you can simply adopt OCR software. OCR software is based on Optical Character Recognition Algorithm that enabled the OCR software to read through the jpg images.

With OCR software you can simply convert your JPG to Word and many other formats within 5 seconds. OCR software is currently supporting 40 languages. If your scanned jpg contains the language other than English then you don't need to worry about that as your OCR will convert that JPG to Word with same format, style, font, size and spacing.
OCR software provides a very handy graphics and user interface that makes the conversion of JPG to Word very easy. If you are giving this software to a person who has no prior knowledge with software operations then he would be simply and easily converting the scanned JPG to Word with just one click.

This software provides you the best solution to make your file protected with the password protection facility. It means that if you are converting your important JPG to Word then you can easily implement the password after conversion. It also provides you the facility to secure your files from unauthorized distribution by placing watermark within your documents.
It happens sometimes that the documents scanned or captured from digital cameras contain orientation, tilt and skew errors that are automatically detected and corrected by the OCR software at the time of conversion from JPG to Word. After converting JPG to Word , you can then easily edit the required text and save it.

If you are intending to convert other formats then you OCR software provide you the facility to convert tiff, bmp, gif and all other major formats to word, doc, text, html and pdf formats.

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